About us


Toftas kennel started breeding in 1990.
Our breeding is done in our home, together with us and our dogs, which provides security and social training for the puppies.
Our dogs are eye tested and cardiovascular knee examined without remarks by specialized veterinarians that the Swedish Kennel Club recommends.
The dogs make a MH or BPH test.
We breed  to preserv the breed standards for healthy and beautiful dogs who get a healthy and long life with their families.
We follow Cavalier Society and the Swedish Kennel Club's rules and recommendations.


What I as a breeder offers:

As a registered kennel I have a big responsibility to my buyers. This applies both dog control as how dogs are feeling and last but not least, how I relate myself to my buyers.
You should feel the confidence to always turn to me whether it is small or big problem.
I think it's good that there are rules governing the breeding work in the breed.
It promotes and preserves the breed's development and there is a common interest to develop good qualities while actively working for the breed's health.
When a puppy will move to its new "pack" it needs the best conditions to work and become a harmonious and safe puppy. I do a home visit with the puppy the week prior to a move.
This is to sniff in their new home, and possibly meet any current pets in the family. We go through the house to make it puppy safe.

A webcam filming puppies around the clock, so you can download an app and follow the litter from your phone.
The puppies are insured and the buyer assumes you insurance in Sveland and obviously, I insured against hidden faults up to 3 years.
Written recommendations on how to care for your puppy is included.
The food puppies have eaten is important that you continue to give your puppy.
Before the puppies were born mother has eaten the same food to give the puppies the best start from the beginning.
Toy and a "security blanket" is included to provide odor-security for the puppy in its new environment.

On delivery, the puppies are inspected (certificate not older than 7 days), vaccinated, dewormed, and registered with the Swedish Kennel Club and ID-chipped.
It is important that you right from the start have set your rules for your puppy to apply in your home.
All "Tofta Dogs" has a family get together 1-2 times per year, where we meet in our garden for a playful and enjoyable afternoon.
Tofta dogs are always welcome to us if the owners plan to go away for a short while.


I am a member of:

Swedish Cavalier Society, Danish Cavalier Club, English Cavalier Society,
Swedish Kennel Club, Sydskånska Kennel Club, Swedish Call Secretaries Association,
Kennel Consultant Association, the Swedish Working Dog Club.
Actively works as kennel consultant.
Has passed the Swedish Kennel Club and the Cavalier Society breeders education.
Received the Cavalier Society honors.
Assigned Cavalier Society uppfödarplakett.


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