We breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in homes in all four colors Blenheim, Tricolour, Black and Tan, and Ruby.
As a member of the Swedish Kennel Club and the Breed Club Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
We follow the breeding rules and recommendations is to preserve the breed typical, sound, healthy and beautiful dogs.
Are you planning to buy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
When you come so far that you are considering buying a puppy, you have probably thought of many races and concluded that
there is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel that suits you best.
Then you will want to learn more about the breed. I can refer to the Cavalier Society's website www.cavaliersallskapet.net
where you can learn what is important for the puppy and its parents considering healthy and typical dogs.
I recommend a book written by Birgitta Östergren and Pia Klöverbäck called the Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is
available for purchase in bookstores or borrow from the library.
Of buyers, I expect that you as a serious buyer have thought through your dog ownership properly.
Having a dog is a big responsibility for up to 10-12 years or more.
One recommendation is to take some time off in connection with buying a puppy. A puppy can not be left alone a long time.
Even adult dogs need jobs and are exercised regularly so if you work with than 4 hours,
you must arrange pass before the puppy comes home.
One should teach the puppy basic obedience and it is advisable to contact the local Working Dog Club to
enroll in a puppy class. Be in good time, it is much sought-after courses.
I have no requirements that you must participate in any show with your dog, but are happy to give you advice and tips if you want to try sometime.
A dog costs money and the purchase price is only part of the cost.
Our dogs are eye tested and cardiovascular knee examined without remark by specialized veterinarians Swedish Kennel Club recommends.
Mental and shot tested the MH or BPH.
Has undergone Swedish Kennel Club and the Cavalier Society breeders.
Received the Cavalier Society conducted insignia and uppfödarplakett.
Welcome to our website and read more about us and our dogs.


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